An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

I got to know about Shari Lapena after reading her book titled The Couple next Door. That book was brilliant and instantly, she became one of my favorite authors. I was desperately waiting for her new release, that is An Unwanted Guest but this book turned out to be a disappointment.

The premise of the book was well established. It was giving the feeling of one of the book of Agastha Christie. All the characters of the book were slowly getting introduced as they were arriving in the remote located hotel and soon, the exit from the hotel became impossible and then began the series of murders. I was hooked. But I don’t know when, the story started slipping away.

Each and every character had a very dark story behind him or her and so many back stories getting in simply erased the feel of the thrilling nature of the book. I don’t know but till the end, my focus simply shifting from the book and I wasn’t excited to know the climax and maybe that’s why, I felt the climax was really a dull one.

I’ll rate this book as 3 out of 5.

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