Done Writing? Start Marketing!

"It's actually a mammoth task that you have just finished but wait, you still have a lot to do."  Most of us feel relaxed, once the manuscript goes to the publisher but the thing is, that's when you have to switch your role from an author to a marketeer. If you have already created your … Continue reading Done Writing? Start Marketing!

Thank You Chetan Bhagat!

Whenever we talk about degrading English Literature or Author's reputation in society, one topic suddenly becomes the hottest of all the others and that topic is, Chetan Bhagat. Every now and then, wherever, Indian Literature in English language will be discussed, someone will surely abuse Chetan Bhagat. Why? What's his fault? Let's discuss. Let's move … Continue reading Thank You Chetan Bhagat!

Switch off that ‘idiot’ right now!

“They put an off button on the TV for a reason. Turn it off . . . I really don’t watch much TV.” – George W. Bush Every one on this planet have just a same amount of time in a day; 24 hours. Your productivity level depends upon how you use those 24 hours. … Continue reading Switch off that ‘idiot’ right now!

Your next ‘big thing’ is in that Shit!

Research says that creative people are lazy. Research says that people with creative minds, gets bored pretty easily. Research says blah and blah! If you want to prove your points, just add in the beginning of the sentence that 'research says' and people will believe you. You are a writer but whenever you sit in … Continue reading Your next ‘big thing’ is in that Shit!

Gift of God?

We were all born as almost same. Same body structure, same features, same manner and with almost the same intensity of wailing but still we were all different. What was that one thing that created our individuality, one thing that can make us stand out of the crowd of billions? It was a very minute … Continue reading Gift of God?

‘No!’ – review of ‘Pink’

Movies were first made with a purpose to entertain people but soon things changed and changed for good. Movies transformed themselves from entertainment source to 'smart entertainment' source. Smart entertainment because of the hidden message that the movie makers want to deliver through their movies and that's why the idea of 'Movie making' became such … Continue reading ‘No!’ – review of ‘Pink’

Start Small!

Dream of becoming a published author was not a 'one day adventurous thought' for me. It all started with a dream which was not exactly mine but was of my father. He loved to write in his 'secret' diary which one day was set on flames by himself. That one sight, made me run for … Continue reading Start Small!