Veronika Decides to die – Book Review

‘Veronika Decides to die’ is a kind of book that will stay with you forever. The book that starts with a simple suicide attempt turns out to be a book with many layers, uncovering time to time and taking you deep onto the world of so called lunatics and asking you a simple question, “Are you sane?”

This is basically my first experience with Paulo Coelho and I am in love with his writing. The best thing about the book is the layers and the way it opens up. The philosophy, the magic of words, the characters, the pain and the happiness of hugging death, everything is magical.

As this book is already a classic, I don’t think that it’s appropriate to rate it. But I would love to tell you all one thing that just pick the book up and start readying it. You’ll be surprised to feel the impact of the words of this book.

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