The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

Just wow! I wasn’t expecting this to be so wonderful but believe me guys, The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish is just amazing. The best part of my experience was that I chose to listen to the book using Storytel App. So I was basically listening to Tiffany’s story rather than reading it. The book was performed by the author herself and as she is a fabulous actor, so each and every emotion of hers was clearly getting felt throughout the book.

Her story is certainly a tragedy but the way she dictates it, is different and engaging. She wrote about her struggle in foster home, her mother’s mental condition, her father’s ignorance, her boyfriend’s treatment with her, her ex husband, basically about everything. It may seem a sad ride (if you don’t know who Tiffany is!) but once you’ll get over the first chapter of the book, you’ll get to know that the whole book is full of Badass attitude of the author and the way she takes revenge of even the smallest thing that happened with her, is something out of the world. I just can’t get over the way she took revenge on her boyfriend.

If you’ll end up listening to the audiobook, there’s a bonus point as well. At the very end of the book, you’ll listen to a song that is written and performed by Tiffany herself and I just can’t get over that song as well.

So just don’t think too much and start the book right now!

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