Request A Book Review

Have written a novel?

Wants to get it critically reviewed?

Wants to know where you can improve, by the person who has written 6 novels and have published more than 50 titles in a year?

If the answer to every above-mentioned question is yes, then email me your proposal with book blurb and book cover on

Important Points:

  1. My reviews are not free but also, I don’t charge a bomb. Just 1200/-
  2. The review will take 14 days to come up on the website.
  3. Don’t expect sugar-coated words from my side.
  4. I’ll also post the review on Goodreads and Amazon.
  5. I can’t read more than 4 books in a month, so if I am being selective, please don’t kill me.
  6. I have reviewed more than 200 books in past but to have a look at them you have to go to The Author’s Blog.

In case you have any doubt, please let me know through mail.