How to earn big by reviewing books?

There’s a very famous dialogue from the movie Batman that Joker recites. The dialogue is, “If you are good at something, never do it for free!” This dialogue became the preamble of the constitution that every entrepreneur follows but most of the people misses a very important point of this dialogue and in this article, we’ll discuss mostly about that point.

Before we begin, let me tell you my experience with reviewing and why I consider myself a person who can write such article. I started reviewing books 7 years ago. I became official reviewer of Fingerprint Publishing, Blackbuck Publishers, Srishti Publishers and many more. I reviewed 200+ books in the span of 4 years. But the most important fact is that I earned 20,000 in a single month solely by reviewing books.

Now Let’s read the quote again. “If you are good at something, never do it for free!” The main thing, that many misses, about this quote in the first part of the sentence, ‘If you are good at something’. I know we all are the best in our knowledge or if we are not, we try to improve in every sense possible but who will declare us as the best in the business? How can we claim our self as the best?

Here are the few steps that you should do!

  1. Decide over a name of your blog. You should have a blog and it should have a catchy name. Buy that domain and work under that name. As a reviewer, you should work as an employee of your own company. For me, I worked under The Author’s Blog ( We were 3 member team and were dedicated to our work. How it helps? it helps in brand naming. There are many readers who acts like being a reviewer, if you want to stand out of that ground, this step is the basic one. Give your work a professional look.
  2. Have a logo for your company and use it to make posters for every book you have reviewed. Why this? Pictures stays in memory. Even helps in branding your company over google. Many books that I have reviewed when get searched over google, the first link that appears, is of The Author’s Blog.10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n-copy11
  3. Pay attention over the statistics. Blog views, Followers, Facebook page likes, books reviewed and feedbacks. Everything is important but how? Will explain later.
  4. Have your own style. It is very important to have a unique style when it comes to reviewing. Authors can have their book reviewed by any tom, dick and harry but why he should come to you for the review purpose? You have to make his money worth.
  5. Showcase your accomplishments in any way possible but not on your own profile. Your Facebook profile should not reflect your professional work. have a proper Facebook page and maintain it.
  6. Be regular. Work under agencies and try to become professional reviewers of other brand names. Associate yourself with others, it helps in authenticating your own work.
  7. Once you have gained a reasonable name in the industry, now approach authors with all the statistics you have about your work. Prepare a message and drop it in the inbox of Author’s Page. REMEMBER, not on Author’s profile but on page.

Spend time and follow the points listed above, things will start turning in your favor.

Now let’s make a list of the things you should NOT do!

  1. Unnecessary controversy. I have seen many reviewers trying this thing. Avoid being Rakhi Sawant. 2 minutes fame will not help at all.
  2. Gain name before thinking of gaining profit. If you are told to work for free, do it because statistics are necessary to gain big. Work with big names so that you can learn how to work in the industry. Make good contacts and never betray.
  3. Do not cross the deadline. If you are unable to meet the deadline, let the author know. No one is going to tear you apart but this gesture of informing says that you are serious about your work.
  4. Do not annoy the authors. There are many authors who think it’s unethical to invest over the book. Do not fight with them with your opinions. Respect everyone’s opinion and move forward.

That’s it for now! I think I have cleared everything. If you have any doubt, simply ping me up. If you are at the starting phase and wants to have free books for review purpose, drop a mail at

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