3 and a half Murders – Book Review


Cover: 4/5
Language: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Overall: 4/5


The best murder mysteries are those which leave the reader asking for more and let him guess till the very end. The thirsty reader should always be able to see the mirage in his walk. That’s how Salil Desai has written his novel 3 and a half murder. Although the book is a part of series but it doesn’t matter whether you have read the previous parts or not, you’ll definitely enjoy this masterpiece.

Books open up with a description of an open and shut case where the husband killed his wife who was cheating on him and then commits suicide. With further investigation, layers of conspiracy opens up and at the end, author leaves you with wide eyes.


  • Detailed description of the scenes without leaving the story behind.
  • One liners from Saralkar.
  • The element of suspense.
  • Background story attached of the protagonist. You’ll not only live the case but also the life of the inspector.
  • Pace of narration is balanced.


  • Somewhere, I don’t know where, the story lacks. I tried a lot to get this point but I don’t know, as a reader, somewhere I felt that the end came too quickly. I am still confused.

Overall, this is indeed a great read and the book deserves each and every single penny.


Two corpses . . . a woman lying dead on her bed,
a man hanging from the ceiling fan.
A suicide note cum murder confession.
And a name . . . Shaunak Sodhi.
When the case comes their way, Senior Inspector Saralkar has just been diagnosed with hypertension and PSI Motkar is busy with rehearsals of an amateur play.
What appears at first to be a commonplace crime by a debt-ridden, cuckolded husband, who has killed his unfaithful wife and then hung himself, soon begins to unfold as a baffling mystery. As clues point to a seven-year-old unsolved murder in Bangalore and other leads emerge closer home, Saralkar and Motkar find themselves investigating shady secrets, bitter grudges, fishy land deals, carnal desires, the dead woman Anushka Doshi’s sinister obsession with past life regression and her husband’s links to a suspicious, small-time god-man, Rangdev Baba.And then, suddenly, the murderer resurfaces and yet another life is in grave danger . . .
Can Saralkar and Motkar get to the bottom of an unimaginably shocking motive and stop the malevolent killer from committing the fourth murder . . .?

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