Why I Published ‘Just A Few Lies’ on Kindle?

Why you did this? But I love to read paperback. Don’t do this, we really want to read you. But we don’t have Kindle, how are we going to read it? – These were few of the questions that I got in inbox of my page and personal profile or in comment section. So I chose to write this article that ‘why Kindle?’

Experimental Work

Just A Few Lies is an experimental work. It’s not just a story but it contains various things that could fall under both the side of the coin. I was skeptical whether readers will like it or hate it and whenever you are in dilemma, stay calm and take steps carefully. That’s what I did and refrained myself from paperback.

Self Publishing

I am not the kind of a writer who writes literature. I am a storyteller and basically big publishing house will never entertain an author like me. I know this fact. Even after selling more than 5000 copies, I will never be able to crack big deals with publisher. So I have to go for self publishing. With self publishing, comes the initial investment. Paperback is a costly affair. I am a publisher myself and hence know the fact and if I just do basics, I have to invest atleast 10 to 12000. But in Kindle, everything is free.

It’s a Novella

The book is of 25000 words and hence, I chose to go with Kindle because it was easier to simple sit for 2 hours and finish the book in one go.

Kindle isn’t only for Kindle

Kindle edition can be read anywhere, be it a Kindle, Mobile, Tablet or desktop. It is easy and fun.

MRP on Amazon

Now with so many things going wrong with Amazon, one is MRP. If you need to make profit of 10 Rs., you have to atleast keep the MRP as 175, which is too high for a book of 120 pages.

Experimenting with Kindle market

Before entering the market of Kindle, I always thought that no one reads digitally but now I can easily say, I was hell wrong. Kindle market is huge. Just go to Amazon and search for the bestsellers in Thriller category. Out of top 10 books, 6 are in Kindle edition. I was amazed to see such a huge competition. Even if I get 50 downloads in a single day, I was unable to reach the top position in thriller genre and here I am about to reach the 1000 mark in just 20 days. Enthralling.

But what about paperback, will it die?

No chance. Paperback is something that could never lose its essence ever. Kindle can’t replace paperback, it is just helping to bring more readers into reading. I know so many of my friend who just can’t read the digital form at all. They need to feel the paper to feel the writing.

What to expect in future?

Paperback will come for ‘Just A Few Lies’ but with a twist. You have to wait and watch.

Know more about ‘Just A Few Lies’:

Amazon Link 

Watch The trailer Here

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