Inconvenience or ignorance?

in-pictures-36-hours-after-demonetization-thousands-line-up-to-exchange-notes-at-mumbai-banksWhenever the guests used to arrive at my home, the disgust on their face was quite visible. I will not blame them because yes, my home did look a mess. For many years, we tried to ignore, we also tried to cover up the mess in which we were living but then came the hightime and my father decided to have makeover for our home. But the only problem with the makeover was that it was taken without taking advice from the family. The reason of not asking from the family was because  my father knew that everyone was busy with daily chores and will never be agreed on a particular date. So he chose inconvenience over ignoring the makeover once again.

So the makeover started and only thing I could see around my home was some more mess and this was much more disgusting to watch. My father who took the decision of the makeover without anyone’s consent assured us that it will just take few weeks and then everything will be fine. The beautiful home of ours will look great. We believed him but soon with every passing day, things started to get worse. Food, that was the basic requirement, wasn’t available for few days because ‘kitchen’ was having renovation. Soon the things started to out of my father’s hand, not because of the lack of planning regarding renovation but because of the panic of the family members.

Something similar is going in my country right now. Our PM wants to renovate the country but the panic of the family member is increasing. I don’t know what will happen after 50 days (time asked by PM for demonetization) but i do know one thing that for the very first time, someone is doing work rather than standing in assemblies and giving long lectures. I believe in trying and I am happy that someone is trying. I am not a political enthusiast and not even having any knowledge regarding economy and all but I do know one thing when we wish to renovate our home, family members have to bear the inconvenience.

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