What are you reading today?


“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” – Haruki Murakami

Out of the total books being released in a year, a bibliophile may only be able to see 10% of the books and that’s because of the great power of social media or else, we’ll only be able to reach less than 1% of the total books. So many authors and so many stories about so many things but still when it comes to reading, we tend to go for the one who have earned name or are household names of literature. For all of us, the above quote stays truthful.

Being a writer, I must read. Reading for writers is just the same as exercise/practice for a sportsperson. Reading opens the mind and takes us to the world of imagination. Imagination is very important for any fiction author.

But what to read?

Each month, a bestselling writer launching a new book. If this month is for Paulo Coelho then the next would be for may be Jeffrey Archer but personally, I don’t read these books unless and until I get huge recommendations. I tend to read the lesser known books and from where I spot them? I spot them from Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

What is Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

It’s a kind of a open library where any author can host their book and with membership of 150/- per month, any reader can pick any book of their choice. You can find many bestselling books and huge collection of unpublished writers who writes brilliantly but are yet to reach the mainstream audience.

How do I search for the book that I want to read? 

Read blurb. You’ll be amazed to read such great plots. I found so many books over there and were fabulous. Much more interesting than anything I have ever read. There are so many beautiful stories that will never see the light of readership but definitely deserve to be read.

I think every author should read the books that are hidden from general readers. Read and explore. Get inspired and write beautiful because Albert Einstein once said, ‘The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.’

Happy Reading for the Great Writing.

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