Burden – A short story that shaped my intellect

Sisyphean toil

Just now my Facebook page has reached 5000 ‘likes’. I felt the moment special because atleast 5000 people are watching me doing ‘crazy’ stuff. I don’t know why, I thought to start taking blogging a bit more seriously and that’s why, I have promised myself to write stories more often. Why stories? Because it all started with stories. At least 8 years back, I started blogging and the first thing I did was to write stories. I used to write 1 story every day. Yes, it was difficult and I did fail as well. But I never focus on failure, I see the effort. So at that time, I wrote around 300 short stories in 2 years and then ‘mainstream life’ hit and somewhere that blogger lost.

So let’s begin!

Today I’ll share a very special story. This story has taught me a lot and I love to share it with people whenever I see someone struggling in life. My father once narrated this story to me and believe me this story changed my perspective of life. Let’s name this story first. I’ll call it ‘Burden‘.

Once upon a time, in a far away village there was a man called Raghu. He was a firm believer of God and every time, any thing happens to him, he puts the blame or praise the God. For him, he was just a puppet and God was controlling everything in his life.

Once, Raghu decided to go with all his friends to the nearby river. He was determined to have lots of fun. The day was Monday and he was a firm believer of Lord Shiv and according to beliefs, Monday is treated as the day of Lord Shiv.

So he takes a great dive in the river and started swimming with all his other friends. Raghu was overexcited today, as he always been on Mondays, and in his excitement, he forget about some cautions and that was to stay close to the banks. Raghu started swimming far away from the banks and before realizing the fact, below him was the ‘cautious’ part of the river; the deepest part.

Soon, out of panic, Raghu started to feel drowning and the first thing that he did was to blame the God. He started shouting, panting heavily and nothing good happened with him at that moment but he still determined that God will save him.

Out of nowhere, a wooden plank suddenly appears in the water and Raghu jumps over it. With the help of wooden plank, he reaches to the bank and somehow survived the water. He was continuously thanking the lord Shiva and then he decided to take this wooden plank to the temple and place it next to the idol of lord Shiva because this plank has saved his life.

The temple was too far from the river. He starting dragging the heavy wooden plank by all his strength. Soon he started to feel the same as he was feeling when he was drowning; panting and gasping for air.

A Sadhu crossed Raghu’s way and saw him dragging the plank with almost no energy left. Sadhu stopped Raghu and asked him why he was doing so and Raghu told him everything. Sadhu started to chuckle. Raghu instantly asked Sadhu what was so funny and that’s when Sadhu said, ‘This wooden plank, that saved your life, may have come because of your faith in God or may be just a coincidence. Whatever that was, the work of the plank was only limited to the river. But you decided to drag it and now this plank, that had saved your life will now become the reason of your death. The wisest thing in life is to know when you have to let the things go.’

Story ends!

This story is very meaningful, at least for me. Almost everyone of us behave like Raghu at some point of our life, just in place of Plank, we drag emotions, people or things. We should know that every person, emotion or thing is here with us for a reason. Don’t drag the same throughout your life and learn when to let it go. Live burden-less.

Rumi once said, Be like the tree and let the dead leaves fall.


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