What not to ask an Author, ever!

articleBeing in writing profession for last 5 years, I have encountered (and learned) many things that we should never ask an author. Authors are basically very generous kind of a ‘breed’. They will never ignore your message if it somehow relates to their books as we, the authors, are very much kind of an attention seekers and there are various reasons because of our such behavior (will discuss those reasons in another post).

So when I was starting my journey of writing, I did some mistakes and now noticing other ‘freshers’ doing the same. So here’s the post ‘What not to expect from an Author, ever!’

Number 1

“I want to become an author, just like you but can’t find time to write.”

If you are thinking to message or have messaged this to any of the author in your friend list, ‘Stop thinking about writing, right now!’ Writing is like creating something out of nothing. This takes time. A hell lot of time. A single novel of 150 to 200 pages novel, takes around 200 to 300 hours to write and hundreds of more hours to edit and hundreds of more hours to rewrite. If you are short of time, stop thinking upon writing because this takes dedication and in the end, other than self satisfaction, there’s 99% of chance that it will ‘earn’ you nothing. So ‘save’ your time.

Number 2

“I have a story for you. It’s my own life’s story. Write it, readers will love it.”

Well thank you so much for your offer but no thanks, I am already having a hell lot of things in my mind to write upon. For each and everyone one of us, our life, is the best ‘storyline’ for a novel or a film’s script. But if it really interests me, I’ll surely ask for copyrights. Don’t drag me up for an ugly conversation.

Number 3

“What is the story of your book?”

Really? Are you serious? Do you really think that a 200 page’s book can be summarized in a single chat conversation? And let’s suppose, it can be done, somehow, why the fuck will I tell you? Why the fuck have I written the whole book and why the fuck my book is on sale then? Simply buy the book and read it, if you are so curious to know the story.

Number 4

“I want an autographed copy from you.”

We may sound very happy when you comment such things on our posts which inform about our new books but we do know what you ‘exactly mean’ by saying the above statement. The above statement is nothing but a polite way of asking for free copy or saying ‘no’ to buy the book. If you really want my autograph, buy the book, keep it safely with you till we meet. I would ‘love’ to autograph it for you and believe me, that moment will surely be very special for me.

These four things were on my ‘hit list’. I may have missed many. Do keep on expanding according to your experiences. Would love to add them as well. Till then, have a great time. Keep Reading.

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