Who Cares?


Who cares what you are doing right now? Who cares what you are thinking right now? Who cares about whatever you are planning to do? Who cares whether you are alive or dead?

Okay, let’s agree that maybe 4 or maybe 10 at maximum are the people in your life that may get affected by your action but think on the larger scale once. In the world of trillions, you stand nowhere. Even those 10 people who care about you will move on in their live if you weren’t there.

You will not understand the depth of above two paragraphs now because you are surrounded by your ‘loved ones’. Go out. Go out to the place where no one knows about you. Any remote area, hills maybe. Stand over a cliff and look down on the world; as far as you can see and ask yourself, who cares?

I a religious person and believes in Karma. My theory of life is that we are here to fulfil some purpose. I don’t believe in anything good or bad. Good or bad is just a perception. But I do believe that right now, when you, as a reader, are reading this article and if you did comment below, I as an author will gain a point in the game of ‘life’. In simple words, my theory is that action of someone should effect on another in a better way.

I know I am confusing two things. Firstly I say that who cares what you are doing and secondly I say that your action should effect on another in a better way. What I want to say is that don’t just influence your little circle; think big. You are here for a purpose and when you’ll search your soul, you’ll find your purpose. I suppose we all know why we are here. We all are good at something, spread that goodness. The only thing you have to search is for the medium to reach masses.

Well, I can sing well but how it will affect the masses? What good will it does to the society? Ask the same question to Army men who feels the Goosebumps while listening to Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Ae mere vatan ke logo’. I am good at cooking, so what? Well ask this to a newly wed bride who wants to impress her mother in law on dinner. I am a comedian. People do laugh a bit but then who cares? That patient cares who is suffering from severe pain or has lost his motivation to live.

You do have an idea that can affect many lives but you are afraid to take the risk. Why? Let’s suppose you fail. You fail terribly. There’s no chance of rising back again, so what? At least you tried. You tried to fulfil your goal of this life but somehow you failed. Now think that you have never tried to take the risk. Opted for an easy life; easy money to feed few mouths and your little aspirations. Then finally you died at the age of 60 or 70. Answer me, what impact did you leave on society while living for 60 or 70 years? Who cares? You lived, you died. Not even tried for what you were actually sent. Pathetic Life.

I know things are difficult but who said that life would be easy? Take risks, fail terribly but don’t be afraid. When you know what your goal is, work upon it. Don’t be lazy. This life is precious and every second counts. On your death bed, you must have a smile on your face; smile of accomplishment.

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