Done Writing? Start Marketing!


“It’s actually a mammoth task that you have just finished but wait, you still have a lot to do.” 

Most of us feel relaxed, once the manuscript goes to the publisher but the thing is, that’s when you have to switch your role from an author to a marketeer. If you have already created your name and are having a good readership, then it’s surely a time to party or to go for a holiday but if you lie to the other side (98% authors lies in this side only), you should start folding your sleeves up.

What to do?

Number 1:
Make sure that everyone (a potential reader of your book) should know that you have completed  the book and it is about to hit the market within 2 or 3 months.

How to do?

Use your facebook profile or page. Put on statuses regarding your book. Be as creative as you can. I remember an author who wrote fiction book on ‘Computer Hacking’. He literally fooled all his facebook friends that his account has been hacked and someone is threatening to spoil all his social life through this. That technique was awesome as everyone was forced to notice it and eventually, he created awareness about his book.

Number 2:
Work with your Publisher.

Your book cover will decide upon the initial sells. No one knows what the content is about before the initial reviews comes out, so to boost up the sales at the starting phase, you have to focus on the book cover. I admit that I buy some of the books, just because their book covers are amazing.

Number 3:
Work on Reviews.

It doesn’t matter who the reviewer is (It does matter if the reviewer is Amitabh Bachchan though!), but the number of reviews over Amazon matters. Here comes the concept of free copies. I know there are many who will oppose this but according to me, if you want to touch the golden figure of 5 digits of sales, you have to be ready to giveaway free copies in 4 digits. I have worked as an PR for authors from Rupa, Westland, Srishti and one thing that I have noticed is that, books will never sell, if the author is not putting in efforts. The publisher’s batch helps no one. Your dedication and your will power helps. Don’t afraid in giving away books but be selective to whom you are giving.

Number 4:
In search of reviewers, don’t look at facebook, move to Goodreads.

Approach India’s best reviewers on Goodreads. This would take time and patience but is effective. There are many readers on Goodreads and are genuine one. Devote as much time as you can over Goodreads rather than on facebook. Promote your book on Goodreads. Join groups share quotes, organize giveaways. Your potential reader is social over Goodreads not on facebook.

Number 5:
Patience is the key.

Book sale is a tricky thing. You never know what turns out in your favor. Have patience and keep on writing. It took me 3 books to reach at some level from where I can advice few of the new authors.

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