Gift of God?


We were all born as almost same. Same body structure, same features, same manner and with almost the same intensity of wailing but still we were all different. What was that one thing that created our individuality, one thing that can make us stand out of the crowd of billions? It was a very minute thing, a small gift from God.

From the day we start learning, we start to develop this gift and this development is named as ‘Interest’. Children of different age, starts to develop different interests. Some wants to play cricket and some wants to dance, while some just loves to talk and some just wants to stay silent and observe. Slowly, these ‘interests’ develops as ‘passion’. ‘Passion’ is the thing that could control your life. You’ll start thinking the way your passion wants you to think. Passion if not controlled can become obsession and would be the severe stage. ‘Passion’ drives you to your dreams and most of the successful people you see around are results of that passion only.

When we came in this world, we all had one special gift with us and that gift was ‘talent’. Talent became interest and interest turned into Passion but then  why everyone around us is not successful? When everybody had the gift of God, why is there that most of the people around us are just leading the normal boring life? The reason is ‘Choices’.

At every stage of our lie we’ll be given two choices. Follow what the heart say or what others say! Our heart does speak to us but speaks in whispers. The most difficult to hear is the voice of heart. People who mediate may know what I am talking about. Everyone of us know what’s the actual meaning of our life and what we should do at present moment but then we choose to hear what other’s say. Experience is something that you’ll learn from own not from the others because others had different objective and you have a different one. Listen to what your heart says and nourish your gift. If you are still looking for that gift of yours, look harder. Don’t just waste your life because who knows this is the only chance given by the almighty?

At present, if you know about your gift but still sitting on that damn chair with your ass spreading over that cotton, believe me you’ll end up the worst. Stand and work hard. There’s no alternative to that. Don’t let the gift of God go as a waste. Don’t just spoil what you have. Don’t just be lazy. Don’t.

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