Your next ‘big thing’ is in that Shit!

Blank notepad and pencil

Research says that creative people are lazy. Research says that people with creative minds, gets bored pretty easily. Research says blah and blah! If you want to prove your points, just add in the beginning of the sentence that ‘research says’ and people will believe you.

You are a writer but whenever you sit in front of your laptop, you open MS Word and then the white blank screen starts staring you. You are horrified because because you are as blank as the screen in front of you. Believe me, this is not uncommon, this happens with everyone and the reasons for this could be:

  1. Your Idea is still not clear. You need to polish what you need to write.
  2. You are waiting for the perfect words to pour out of your head but whatever you are making out in your mind is a kind of shit and you are not ready to write down that shit.
  3. You are afraid. You are afraid that who will read this. Do I really be termed as a writer? Am I good with writing? Should I research more about it?

Everyone of us face this problem. When I started writing, I had a notion that once I have a publisher’s name attached on my back, I’ll never feel this writer’s block and would be writing books one after another. If I could just be a full time author with no problem of studies or job, I would be writing books one after another. Guess what, I have both of these things with me. I have a publisher who is waiting for my novel and I have time of the world to write it but still I am stuck with writer’s block.

Then what to do? I can’t just wait!

Read and write! That’s it. Start reading, read as much as you can and when you are tired of reading start writing. Don’t just wait for the perfect plot, perfect set up or perfect words, just write. Write something shitty. Don’t think about who’ll read this, you are not writing this for anyone, just keep on writing. Once you have written, don’t delete the file. Keep it saved in a folder because sometimes, these write ups become important in your main plot. You never know because your unconscious mind is the most creative part of your being. And when you are writing these ‘arbitrary’ write ups, you generally write something much better than your main write ups. This has happened with me many a times.

If you still feeling off, not in mood. Go for a walk, do something that makes your blood flow fast. I love singing. I sing at the terrace like I am hosting a rock concert. This makes me feel alive. Our job of writing is a boring one when our mind is not in sync with our creativity. Come out of that boredom, enjoy your life but don’t totally distract. I would suggest you to read. Read every day as much as you can because reading is important to come out of the block.

You can come out of that block and believe yourself that you have a great story in your mind, you just have to write it down. And as Ernest Hemingway said that the first draft of anything is shit. Don’t be afraid in writing shit because you never know that the next big thing of yours is just hidden in that pile of shit.

Keep Writing!

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