‘No!’ – review of ‘Pink’


Movies were first made with a purpose to entertain people but soon things changed and changed for good. Movies transformed themselves from entertainment source to ‘smart entertainment’ source. Smart entertainment because of the hidden message that the movie makers want to deliver through their movies and that’s why the idea of ‘Movie making’ became such a great phenomenon.

Well, but why I am discussing about all this? May be because today, I saw a movie that made me realize the importance of cinema. Amitabh Bachchan’s starrer ‘Pink’. Pink is not just a movie, it can be termed as a ‘revolution’. It whispers in your ear what’s wrong in our society, it doesn’t shout like all the ‘feminist’ movies around. And when you have actors like these, it becomes cherry on the cake. But sadly, this movie will not do the business, as it should do and may be people would not even watch these movies for ‘free’.

I would like to talk a bit about Amitabh Bachchan here. As we all know he is the biggest superstar of Bollywood. People pray for him. If a person is Indian, he must know his name and that’s the kind of madness associated with him. Before, watching the movie, I was skeptical about it. I saw the promo (trailer) of the movie but that was not very effective. I thought that I am going to witness just another ‘Rape centered theme’ kind of movie. And everyone knows that these movies goes flat over the box office but then why a person like Amitabh Bachchan (the only reason why I watched the movie) would act in such a movie? I saw the movie and then I know the reason. These superstars are not just a film actor, they knows their power and they know their responsibilities towards society. For the very first time, I am feeling happy after watching a movie and the reason was just a small message hidden in it. The message is, “No!” There’s a dialogue in the end of the movie which was the most powerful thing I have ever heard in recent times, that was, “No! No is not just a word; it is a complete sentence. There’s no reason attached to a ‘no’.”

I know i can’t force anyone to watch a movie but still I felt that I should write this article. There are some problem with us when we think about girls. We may hide it but we all have that within us. Do watch the movie and if your eyes are wet, while leaving the theatre, thank the film maker.


Finally a short review of the movie. Story is average but the direction is marvelous. Expect the powerful performance from each and every actor of the movie and bow down in front of Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee for their dedication towards their characters. Special mention to the person who wrote the dialogues of the movie. Fabulous is the only word that could describe the overall experience.

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