Long road to Mercy – Book Review

I am a big fan of David Baldacci. I started his books with Will Robie series, so when I heard that he is coming with a new series, there was not the slightest doubt in my mind that I wanted to read this one. Long road to mercy, introduces Atlee Pine and she is indeed a character you would love to read. The blurb talks about her twin sister’s abduction so that the backdrop of the story also seemed a bit interesting.
The moment you start the book, the first chapter takes your breath away, when Atlee Pine is finally facing the abductor of her sister but then, the story changes completely and that was unexpectedly heartbreaking. In this book, the story is something totally different and it only hints about the upcoming books in the series.
Now coming back to the ‘actual’ story of the book. It is good, the last few pages of the book are very interesting but as the book is establishing the character of Atlee Pine, it drags a lot on details. So many things are happening around that is totally irrelevant to the main story and that was a major setback.
I would have rated this book only 3 stars, but then came the final pages of the book which were actually really interesting, so I decided to give 3.5
I am looking forward to read more of this series.

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