New Year’s Resolutions


New year is coming and the world is getting insane regarding promises to fulfill in the next coming year. This happens every year, The New Year Resolutions but only few gets fulfilled and other dies within the first month of the year. What’s the big issue then? There will come another year. But No! It does leaves a bad impact on you.

Promises made to our self when stay unfulfilled leaves a bad impact on our inner self. How? Just in a way your friend who swear on everyone to return your money but never does. Eventually, you start never believing on your friend and stop believing in his swears. Same happens with you as well. Eventually, with so many failures of resolution every year, you start doubting on yourself and that gives birth to negative energy within you. Every time you want to believe on your abilities, these failed resolutions knock on your inner consciousness and pulls your confidence down.

So should we boycott the notion of New Year Resolution?


New Year is the beginning of a new start and yes we do feel good on 1st January and this feeling should surely be put in something constructive. But do think twice before picking your resolution. It is surely not a good thing to start something that you already know will not continue for longer. Don’t lose your confidence on yourself just because of a ‘stupid’ resolution.

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