Burden – A short story that shaped my intellect

Just now my Facebook page has reached 5000 'likes'. I felt the moment special because atleast 5000 people are watching me doing 'crazy' stuff. I don't know why, I thought to start taking blogging a bit more seriously and that's why, I have promised myself to write stories more often. Why stories? Because it all … Continue reading Burden – A short story that shaped my intellect

Are you a night owl?

Every day at 11 in the night, we have a little fight at home. Fight of why I don't sleep at time and wake up early in morning? I did try what my parents suggest but failed terribly because whether I sleep at 3 or at 11. I wakes up at 10 only. So my … Continue reading Are you a night owl?

Who Cares?

Who cares what you are doing right now? Who cares what you are thinking right now? Who cares about whatever you are planning to do? Who cares whether you are alive or dead? Okay, let’s agree that maybe 4 or maybe 10 at maximum are the people in your life that may get affected by … Continue reading Who Cares?