‘Origin’ by Dan Brown – Book Review

As everyone else, i was excited to read another adventure of Robert Langdon and hence pre ordered the book months ago. The concept and the blurb of the book promised to deliver yet another path breaking story but Dan Brown had something, totally different to deliver this time. Release date arrived and the moment I … Continue reading ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown – Book Review

Author Amit Singh when approached me for the review of his book, I was little skeptical. The reason being that the book was a poetry book in Hindi but then I saw the cover page of the book and the title. It was pure magic. I had to pick it up. But I'll not rate … Continue reading

The Front Page Murders – Book Review

Ratings: Cover: 5/5 (Would love to give more. This is one of the best cover I have ever seen) Language: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Review: I have read so many books in this genre but when I picked this book up; I knew I’ll get to read something different. First look at the cover and you … Continue reading The Front Page Murders – Book Review

3 and a half Murders – Book Review

Ratings: Cover: 4/5 Language: 4/5 Story: 4/5 Overall: 4/5 Review: The best murder mysteries are those which leave the reader asking for more and let him guess till the very end. The thirsty reader should always be able to see the mirage in his walk. That’s how Salil Desai has written his novel 3 and … Continue reading 3 and a half Murders – Book Review

How to earn big by reviewing books?

There's a very famous dialogue from the movie Batman that Joker recites. The dialogue is, "If you are good at something, never do it for free!" This dialogue became the preamble of the constitution that every entrepreneur follows but most of the people misses a very important point of this dialogue and in this article, … Continue reading How to earn big by reviewing books?