Curse of Kukkutarma


Genre: Mythology/ Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 336
Author: Prateep Roy


Story: 4/5
Writing Style: 3.5/5
Captivating (On the scale of 5): 3.5/5
Overall: 3.8/5

Book Blurb:

The protagonist, a prodigy, now a grown-up scientist, realizes his childhood dream of making a time machine. He creates Atitayā́n (a machine that travels to the past). In his quest to witness the Kurukshetra war, he sets off to travel thousands of years into the past. But due to some technical glitches, he travels 100 years into the future instead.

A brother-sister duo rescues him. Together, they relaunch the Atitayā́n. The Anthropologist sister travels thousands of years into the past in Atitayā́n to witness the Indus Valley Civilization. There she witnesses a conspiracy brewing at Kukkutarma (Mohenjo-daro) organized by the Priest-King to grab the power of the Indus Kingdom.

Enraged by the conspiracy, a sorcerer from the Indus state, Kot-Dilji, curses the Priest-King: unless he abandons his unconsecrated plans to conquer and rule the Indus Kingdom, the kingdom will perish.


  • Plot: The book is about a child prodigy who invents the time machine and is in quest of finding the truth about the war of Kurushetra but because of some technical issue in his invention, he lands in different timelines and in his journey, he finds the truth about various things, including the conspiracy of Kukkutarma.
  • Why it should be read: The book is highly informative about our history and you’ll find some strange facts while reading the book. There are few moments in the book where you simply stop and google about the correctness of the facts.  
  • Where it lacked: The positive of the book is also negative about it. The book is high on information. Sometimes, you totally forget what you were actually reading.
  • Verdict: The blend of Mythology and science fiction is not new in the market but this one was untouched. You will definitely love to read this part of our mythology and the freshness of the author’s writing style. I would have rated the book 4.5 if it was a little shorter on the information part.  

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