Be an Ideal Husband – Choose Audiobooks!

Audiobooks are the new revolution in the industry of books and Storytel and Audible are the biggest competitors in the ever-growing market but we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the strange title of the blog and I am going to explain it bit by bit that how you can be a good husband, if you become addicted to audiobooks.

First of all, here a little recap of why I am the best person to believe in what I am about to tell you. So my love for books started when I was 13 years old and since then I have read some 400-500 titles (never actually counted) and this love affair was about to reach a break up when I decided to marry some 2 years ago (1.5 years to be exact). Why and how it reached to the state of break up? Well, because for me reading is like meditation. I can’t read it when someone is around. I need to stay alone and once you are married, you are never alone because there is a pair of eyes that constantly follows you, right? So I knew that reading is going to be tough. (Well, back then I had no idea that my wife will also get drawn towards the habit of reading. She is a Book Reviewer right now and already has read 143 titles in 1.5 year. Well, she keeps the track of books, so I do know the exact number of titles.)

So that was the backdrop of everything but I WAS WRONG! Because then I got introduced with Audiobooks and it was love at first sight (Hear, to be exact!)

First few books were difficult because it takes time to adjust, just like falling in love with someone for the first time – the initial phase is difficult, right? But then things turn out smooth. We started getting familiar with each other. The love multiplied and soon we were inseparable. But did you remember the eyes that were following? The wife’s eyes. She suspected quickly and noticed that you were giving too much time to something else which was basically hers and that’s when I got the idea – the idea of becoming the ideal husband.

So, here are the few pointers that helped me and can help you as well, in finding the time to read (Hear, to be exact!) while becoming the ideal husband.

  • Dishes and other Kitchen chores – There’s a place in the whole house where wives doesn’t actually want to enter and most probably won’t follow you – you need to use this space quite often. There’s a strange kind of Nirvana in doing the dishes while listening to your favorite book. Cooking also doesn’t hurt much but be a little cautious of not mixing sugar with salt while reading something edgy.
  • Washing Clothes – Another place where you can excel. Your wife will love you for this – Pour, clean, dry, fold and repeat after a few days. Great escape.
  • Morning Walks? – When was the last time you went for a walk? Doesn’t your wife scold you for gaining those extra kgs? My wife creates havoc every morning. So I decided to walk with my love (Of course the audiobook) and come back and make bed tea for wife. I told you I am THE IDEAL HUSBAND!

So I think you got the basic idea of what to do and how to! Stealing time for yourself after marriage is definitely an art and no one will ever come forward to teach you this but I am risking it for you. I just hope that my wife doesn’t happen to read this or else I will be forced to delete it. So, before this article gets deleted, read and share!

See you soon!

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