Gauri by Sathya Sam – Book Review

The book Gauri by Sathya Sam is an emotional ride that comprises of different life events from the life of Shiva where Gauri acts as a catalyst to his life and another girl Shalini is also a huge part that shapes the overall destiny of Shiva.

Shiva and Gauri falls for each other and against the family’s opinion, Shiva somehow gets married to his love of life. Gauri is an understanding and simple girl who always encourages Shiva to do what is right rather than what is easy. This is the quality that forces Shiva to make his career as an educationist. He becomes lecturer in a very prestigious college and there he meets Shalini who derails the life of Shiva. The unexpected attention that Shiva gives to his student Shalini, becomes the seed of a big problem between lives of both the characters.

Another issue that Gauri and Shiva were battling in their life was the issue of not being able to become parents. They were trying everything but something was not right. Gauri was now trying to understand her husband but was failing to do so. This sums up the whole story of Gauri – The Book.

Now coming to the review of the book.


The story is good. I liked that the story is having good depth in it.

The characters are well described. Specially the character of Shiva, it grows with the story and that connects you more with him.

The language is lucid.

The prologue is intriguing. It holds your attention instantly.

The role of Gauri in the climax was also something that came as unexpected twist in the tale.


The flow of the book. For me the overall flow of the story was somehow disturbed.  

Coming back to the book, as the story of the book was quite lovely I would definitely recommend everyone to read it once. I would love to read more from the author in the coming future soon.

My Ratings: 4/5

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