Anxious People by Fredrik Backman – Book Review

The best thing about this book ‘Anxious People’ is that it invests in emotions with a pinch of humor but never leaves the art of storytelling as well.

I have read the previous book of the author ‘A Man Called Ove’ and it still is one of the best book I have read but I admit that ‘Anxious People’ surpasses the experience that I had while reading his previous book.

‘Anxious People’ is not about just one guy but it is about the every character that is introduced in the book. Every character has its own story, own humor to add and own emotions to draw you more into the world created by Fredrick Beckman. You must have already witnessed the hype around this book and frankly speaking it is worth every praise. The story is spectacular but the main essence of this book is the art of storytelling.

Just read this book if you really want to witness how a story can bring out turmoil of emotions in you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry,, and you’ll enjoy every bit of it .

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