#SandeepSpeaks – Episode 2

Back in 2015, when I graduated from a prestigious engineering college, with a degree of Civil Engineering, I had my focus intact on what I want from life and where I should direct my efforts. In 2013, I co-founded Author Paradise and by the advent of 2015, I was well established in the business of books. So yes, I wanted to be an entrepreneur and take my venture to another level. I was not at all interested in any kind of job as I was my own boss. I was living the dream of waking up whenever I want, sleeping whenever I feel sleepy and enjoying the life of a wanderer as my job was to meet more people and explore more places.

Everything was just great when I launched my book The Coin which became an instant bestseller. It was all like a dream but then in 2017, Author Paradise feel apart and I lost everything I had. I was literally depressed and in that state of depression I launched my next book as well, The Stalker which also received much appreciation from the readers. I was now looking to make writing my profession. I was trying my luck in various things but nothing worked.

I met many directors, producers, got so many false hopes but at the end of it, I just fell more in the hands of depression. It was getting difficult to even survive. It that state of depression, I thought to quit on my dream and eventually I did the same and started preparing for government job. I went to Delhi and started my preparation. Ghost of Author Paradise were constantly following me. I lost a lot at that time. Many setbacks were waiting to happen in future as well which I could anticipate at that time. I tried to hide from all this but nothing helped and then came a mail.

The mail was from a debutant director of Telugu movies who just happened to read The Stalker and wanted to buy the rights for the same to make a Telugu film on it. I thought this is it. Everyone were excited, my publisher, the director, my family, my neighbor’s family, my dog, cat and….. and even that deal didn’t get cracked. In the meanwhile I got the job in SBI and got married and then I thought, this is it! This is going to be my life from now and I think now O should quit on my dreams but then I got a call from the same director.

Then began the miraculous turn of events. I got on board with the biggest production house of Telugu cinema as a story developer for their next feature film. I cracked the deal in 6 digit figure. Also while I am writing this, I am also negotiating the deal for The Coin, The stalker and one more title.

So, coming back to the question, when to quit? The answer is simple – NEVER! Because if you have worked hard, your work will get recognized. Things do take time but when it turns in your favor, it turns in the most unexpected way. So keep working hard and never think of letting all go because somewhere, someone is waiting for you!

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