I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll – Book Review

Ratings: 3/5
Format: Audiobook
Platform: Audible
Status: Recommended for Beginners not for serious thriller readers.

A good thriller is all about how it begins and how brilliantly you can hide all the elements before revealing them all during the climax. This book, I will make you pay, is, according to me, a perfect example of a simple story with good scope for a thrilling read but failing to deliver because of the inability to hide the key elements way before the actual climax of it.

The book starts smoothly, by establishing the stalker who only strikes on Wednesday and in parallel to it, there’s a story of a boy who is living with his grandmother and is being traumatized by his neighbor on a Wednesday night. Here you get a glimpse of what to expect from the climax which ruined my reading experience.

The whole middle part of the story tries to build up so many side plots but fails to stand out because of the lack of depth in them. The whole drama that the author tries to create around the main storyline fails to grab the attention of the reader because, if one is reading the book with attention can guess the whole drama from the very beginning of the stalker case thing.

The climax had just one surprise in it and that’s why I rated the book 3 stars or else, it was simply a waste of 7 hours for me. I am not recommending this book to serious thriller lovers.

I am hoping to be regular with my reviews now. Let’s see how far this goes. If you have any special request for a review, let me know in the comments,I will make you pay and please do follow my blog.

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