Take my heart, forever… by Arpit Agrawal – Book Review

This one is a brilliant book when it comes to small elements that many authors generally miss out while writing a book on romance. This book deals with showing rather than just telling and that’s the USP of the book. All the characters are very well portrayed and the characterization is so strong that it will leave a deep impression on your memory.
Coming to the research of the book, the author has done extraordinary work. The book is about doctors and the lawyer and hence there are lots of technicalities involved and while reading the book, you’ll understand the extent of research that the author has done before writing the book.
Lastly, the most unexpected thing about the book is the climax. When you think that everything is finally sorted, the climax leaves you spellbound. It comes at a very crucial point and leaves you bewildered. You just can’t control your emotions at the climax of the book.
Overall, a great read and a book that you’ll cherish for long. Kudos to the author.

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