An Indian Loser by Uzma Hameed – Book Review

India’s education system and the pressure associated with it have given many authors a topic to write upon. There are so many books available on this topic but seldom comes a story that is so beautifully penned that it can hold you for several hours and entertain you till the very end.

The story revolves around the failures and the struggle of Peeyush to achieve something bigger than his own dreams. Through Peeyush, the author has portrayed the life of almost every middle class family’s story. The pressure of entrance exams and then moving on to following the path of dreams, without the support of parents. Peeyush’s story has the potential of motivating and encouraging every reader and the writing style of the dubutant Uzma Hameed is like a treat. She is flawless in her craft.

The only problem with the book is the same usual storyline of the first half of the book. I have read many books on the same topic. Although I am happy that the second half of the book had something interesting to offer. The whole political turn that Peeyush’s life took was good to read. Also would like to mention that the second last chapter (Chapter 18) is beautiful. I loved the writing of that chapter.

Overall, I would rate this one as 3.5. If the book was a bit shorter, I would have rated 4. I would like to congratulate the author for brilliant debut.

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