Entrepreneur Life

Have you ever seen a dream? Have you ever witnessed how real it looks when you are actually in that dream and the moment you wake up, it all shatters? Your belief in your dream shatters completely and you start doubting yourself that how can you be so silly to believe in the first place that something like this can actually happen? Have you ever sensed that?
If yes, then let me tell you that every entrepreneur lives the same feeling every day. When we plan out something, everything looks so wonderful and achievable but once we enter the sea of uncertainty, our belief starts to shatter and doubts start to hurdle up the clear thoughts that we had. It’s frustrating and it sometimes feels unbearable.
When I started to think that I’ll opt for writing as my career, it all seemed to be a cakewalk for me. I had my idea ready and was determined to get the targets that I wanted to achieve but frankly speaking, nothing actually worked. The standards that I had set were unrealistic and it was almost impossible to achieve without some magic but then I understood that magic doesn’t actually happen at all. It’s just your hard work that pays you from some other means, from where you didn’t expect.
Life is tough and it’s tougher if you are an entrepreneur. You actually need to balance out and that’s why I decided to move out from my nest, my comfort zone, my home. It’s been 3 months now and every single day, the balance is only getting loosened. I do feel lonely sometimes but you have to keep that feeling to yourself because the first rule of being an entrepreneur states that never reveal your emotions. You always have to fake about everything you do. You always have to pretend that everything is fine when you know that nothing is! But then why to keep on going? Why do you want to dedicate your life to something that is so painful for you?
When I started writing, my only motto was to have an easy job. I just wanted that my first book does well in the market and provides me the platform from where I can just sit and relax and my bank account keeps on growing automatically but nothing happened. In fact, I lost 50,000 as my first one was a self-published book. I consoled myself and started writing the next one, this time the investment was low and I had learned some techniques to earn as well. The second one went with no profit, no loss. I was still in college then and the energy was still intact. I wrote the third one and got that traditionally published as well. With the third one, I started to reach out. The book did well and I was happy to have gained something (Money, of course) out of it. But in the meanwhile, college got over. Responsibilities increased and the time to take the decision came. That was the period when I was in the dream. Everything seemed achievable. I chose the life of an entrepreneur.
Some days back I was talking to one of my college friends and while talking, I realized that it’s been 3 years since I graduated and the struggle is still on. I know I am in the right direction but I am on the back of a tortoise where everyone else is riding the rabbit. I was depressed, for sure. Last few days were the days when I woke up of my dream and started questioning myself that why the fuck did I believe in such a dream? It was shattering but then a message came.
‘Thank you for inspiring me, sir!’
Hope. You may surely be struggling but sometimes, the way you are fighting can also inspire other soul and give them the courage to fight a bit more. I may not be the most successful author (yet!) but for that person, I was the reason for not quitting on that particular day. I am happy that my 5 years of struggle has given a person the power to struggle for at least 1 more day. Now coming back to the question that Why do you want to dedicate your life to something that is so painful for you? My answer would be, is there anything else worth living for? I saw a dream and I am living to make it true. What else would I be looking for?
Lastly, I want to ask you a question.
Have you ever seen a dream?

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