‘Murderous Greed’ by Arun K Nair – Book Review

The best part of any crime fiction is the element of surprise and mystery. The author should have the quality of holding the audience till the very last page and deliver all the answers effectively. With ‘Murderous Greed’, Arun K Nair successfully delivers everything that a crime fiction lover would ask for.

Starting from the cover page, the attention that is needed from the reader is gained, then comes the blurb, which is another beauty as it forces you to start the book right now.

Coming to the content, the best part of the book is the way the author describes the scene, he makes you imagine the environment, not only his characters but the whole scene where the situation is happening and that gives you a ‘Movie Like’ feeling and that’s how he indulges you in his book.

The length of the book is apt for a one sitting completion and the fast-paced storyline also resonates with it. The characters are well built and the thrill is amazing. The element of suspense, that is the linking of the 2 murders, is one treat for the readers that blows away every imagination. I personally loved it.

I will personally recommend this book to every lover of Crime Fiction.




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