Review of Rise (Web Series) by Cheers!

Audience is now drifting and is drifting for good. From television, now the entertainment’s new destination is YouTube. Great actors who are not so famous are now appearing on YouTube and are doing fabulously well. For the first time, we can see writers working really hard and coming out with great works. Web Series is the new trend among youth and recently released series Rise by Cheers is one such example.

Series starts with Shrey who finally bought his dream bike worth Rs. 8 lakhs and when he is off to office to show off, he loses his job on the very same day because of recession. Within a second his happiest day of life turns out to be the nightmare. With all the loans on his back, he starts drifting towards depression when his father reminds him of his dream, the roadtrip. Shrey decides to take a solo roadtrip but circumstances makes him meet an uncle and soon this 50 year old man became the companion of Shrey in this roadtrip.

This 4 episode series is definitely a ride that keeps you hooked till the very end. Let’s talk about the series in different sections:


I think that the best part of this series is the writing. The monologues of the final episode will live with you, if not forever, for at-least few days. Although there’s nothing new in the content but the delivery is impactful.


Story revolves around only 2 characters Shrey played by Vikrant Messey and Sharma ji played by Atul Shrivastava. They both are absolutely brilliant and are killing it in their respective roles.

Episode length

That was the negative point. There’s no continuation regarding the length. When first episode is for 20 minutes and fourth one is for 50 minutes.

Why you should watch it?

For the fourth episode. That’s one beautifully written episode. The monologues are so brilliant that you’ll find yourself wondering about life. But this connection will only occur if you want all the four episodes. So go and watch them now.


4 thoughts on “Review of Rise (Web Series) by Cheers!

  1. Amazing series n i loved it bcoz somehow it relates to me as m also going through the phase of darkness in my life but this series motivated me alott n gives new hopes in my life that never let ur self down always rise like sun


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