How to choose the best ‘Vanity Publisher’?

If you dream to get published in India through big publisher without paying a penny, you have to wait for years, may be decades because the competition is way too hard and even the judges are sold. Publishers are seeking business and just question yourself, why should a publisher choose you? If your answer is that you write brilliantly, you are already on the wrong track and the reason is, your writing can only be judged after the reader picks your book out of the shelf. And the reader, won’t pick you up till he already knows you or you are an influential person (or maybe the cover is brilliant).

Recently we have witnessed the stories of great Game Changers like ‘Savi Sharma’. She got self published, sold a huge number of copies and got the contract of Westland. There are many such examples in the industry who got self published, showed their potential and got published by Big Hot Shot publishers later on (Even the author of this article is one such example *Winks*).

Now, as you have made up your mind to go for self publishing, the biggest question that would strike you will be whom to trust? There are more than 100 publishers who claim to deliver the same services at different cost and mostly we choose our publisher on the basis of costing or SEO. Now this article will help you in choosing the best publisher or this will help you to list out the things that you have to search in your choice of publishers.

Previously Published Titles:

Look at the pattern of what your publisher is producing. Is he publishing everything that comes across his platform or is choosy with the titles? Also do have a look at the cover designs. Cover design is very important aspect that judges the sales for a debut writer.

Marketing offered:

You are doing this for the first time and the chances are very strong that you have no idea about the marketing. The things that look fancy outside, actually generates not a single sale. For example the over-hyped marketing tactic – The Book launch. When i started writing, I had a dream of organizing a book launch and had fancy feeling that 100’s of copies will get sold in a single day but the truth is, not a single copy gets sold in a book launch (of a debut writer). So choose your publisher who is good at marketing and is offering it at low price.


Truly speaking, there’s no publisher out there (Vanity) who can provide you good offline distribution. If they are claiming for a good distribution, just confirm with previous authors of the same publishing house. Availability on Amazon is more than enough for a debut writer. You can sell a great number of copies from this platform. Just read this article to know the basics How I sold 500 copies in 20 days from Amazon


This will play major factor which will decide upon the sales of your book. Do inquire about the MRP of the book before choosing your publisher.


Don’t invest too much for just printing of the books because marketing costs a lot. Focus on the targets which matters. Clearly ask the publisher for breakup between book production and basic marketing. Printing may cost you between 8000 to 15000/.

These were the basic points. Just remember that the main part to focus when getting ‘Self Published’ is the word ‘Self’. You are the master of every decision you are taking. So be wise and choose the best.



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