‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ – Web Series Review

Parents dream, children suffer; that’s not a new story to hear in India. Education industry is booming, just because of this reason only. I was an IIT aspirant as well (Thankfully not because of the parent’s pressure, I chose to be the one) and have spent an year in Kota. The atmosphere, the aura of that place was something that is needed to be experienced and that’s what this Web Series – ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ does.

Created by Biswa Kalyan Rath, this web series contains each and everything that actually happens in all these so called ‘Education temples’. This 6 episode series talks about the mental stress that an average IIT aspirant experiences in a very aggressive manner. The story revolves around Akash and his ‘forced’ journey to Genius Infinity of Vishakhapatnam.


Storyline isn’t unique but you won’t feel bored at all. You will feel in the initial episodes that the story will revolve only around the difficulties that an average student faces in such places but thankfully, in the later episodes, story talks about ‘Why’ as well. It explains that why these institutes deliberately, spoils the mentality of the student and ‘Why’ it’s just all about the Business.


The best part of the series is the narration. It’s aggressive and hits at the right spot. The web series is so indulging that you won’t be able to stop yourself in between and start again on some later stage. You’ll be compelled to see the end and that’s all the beauty of narration part.


Dirty corridors, wet boxers on bed, teachers differentiating between students and cloths hanging on the rope in midway, everything gives you the clear picture of what actually happens at such places.


Loved it. Literally, the performances matters a lot and here, everyone was so good that you just can’t see any dull moment. Chudail, Bakri and Akash, the best trio and the worst one as well. You have to watch the series to get the clear picture of it.


There’s no standalone dialogue in the series but the series is having decent amount of every emotion.

What I didn’t like:

The last episode. The climax of the series seemed abrupt. I was expecting something out of it but nothing actually came out. I felt that all my excitement to see the climax suddenly drained out. There was no ‘Moment’ in the series that could stay with you for longer (Except the title track, it’s amazing).


There’s no doubt that the series is a must watch and as it just of around 3 hours, so you can surely give it a try and experience the worst phase of every ‘Science’ student.

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