‘Origin’ by Dan Brown – Book Review

As everyone else, i was excited to read another adventure of Robert Langdon and hence pre ordered the book months ago. The concept and the blurb of the book promised to deliver yet another path breaking story but Dan Brown had something, totally different to deliver this time.

Release date arrived and the moment I received the book, I couldn’t hold the excitement and hence started reading. When it comes to Dan Brown, I take my time because I google every place which is mentioned in the book. Dan Brown’s book is not only about story but also a travelling guide. It took me around 15 days to complete the book and here’s my review about it.

The book starts with a question and the question is, ‘Where do we come from and where are we heading?’ Edmond Kirsch, a visionary scientist organizes the biggest event of this universe to catch the eyeball of billions of people around towards his discovery that answers this question and hence throws out the concept of ‘God’ from the dictionary of human race. But before he could present his discovery, he got murdered and then begins the adventure of Robert Langdon with the future queen of Spain, Ambra Vidal to uncover the secrets of Edmond.

The book starts with drama, builds it to the highest level possible and at the very end of the book, DESTROYS your expectations. Yes, the book is a huge disappointment. Last 50 or so pages of the book where the discovery gets unrevealed makes you wonder why everyone was acting so weird all around? Being a student of Science, I could understand what Edmond tried to say with his discovery and that is nothing new. The question of overthrowing religion with ‘This’ discovery in the worst interpretation of the book. The only good thing about the books was Winston. You have to read the book to get the idea of Winston. The writing style of the book is as good as you can expect from the author. If you starts reading the book, you just can’t put it back.

Overall experience with the book was Good but the climax was not upto the expectations.

3 thoughts on “‘Origin’ by Dan Brown – Book Review

  1. Apart from that, there were plenty of loose ends, especially related to the deaths of the Rabbi & Imam. Besides, Langdon’s Determination to “avenge” Kirsch seems quite “convenient” in a way and the “initiation” of the Navy admiral into the church was a huge cliche. I liked the idea put forth by Kirsch in his presentation – really, gets you to thinking – but the treatment is more relaxed than the predecessors. In a Angels & Demons, you could feel the tension between science & religion – in Origin, however, the tension looks forced & childish, climbing up the same tree in sorts. It was a much better read than Inferno, though, with bearable details about the Churches and the buttresses and all; but plot-wise, Origin could’ve been bigger and more devastating for the protagonist. The side characters like the Bishop &, of course, Winston stole the show; others were simply props. Nothing like Bezu Fache or Leigh Teabing or the Camerlengo. On the whole, you can’t expect much from Brown after The Lost Symbol debacle. I’d go for a 3 only because of the ideas he toys around with.


  2. Thank you for your fantastic review. I really love the way you write.After i discovered your book review i started searching and found the book on http://bookaride.net/book/1159708133/origin . Now i almost finished the book and i I think Origin is a awesome book and i recommend everyone to read it. Not sure if i can to paste a link(sorry if not) but anyway the book is great and also your book review.


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