Author Amit Singh when approached me for the review of his book, I was little skeptical. The reason being that the book was a poetry book in Hindi but then I saw the cover page of the book and the title. It was pure magic. I had to pick it up. But I’ll not rate this book because I don’t find myself capable enough to rate a poetry book. It is the most challenging thing, according to me, to write a poem on a topic that itself is challenging; social issues.

‘Kotuhal Mere Mann ki’ is a collection of poems and one liners from the author Amit Singh who calls himself as ‘Pagal Kavi’. The poets talks about numerous things through his book. He talks about ‘Note-bandi (Demonetization), Baal Mazdoori (Child Labor), Futuristic villages, celebrations and various nature of human being. All in all, the poet expresses his emotions on various topics that revolves round us and effect a common being.

One liners are treat to read and ponder upon. ‘Kehte ho dard likho, likho toh seh na paaye’, is one of my favorite from the book. The poem that I liked a lot was ‘Sannata ki fiki chaaye’.

One of the best about the book is its index. The title of the poems are so amazing that you just can’t stop yourself from flipping the page of the book. Wherever the sight rests first, you switch to that page number only.

Overall the book is indeed a great read and I would really recommend this to everyone who loves to read Hindi.

“Iss Pagal Kavi ka Pagalpan, padhne laayak hai and sochne par majboor karne waala bhi.” 

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