Note to self

When I was in eighth standard, I was fascinated with one subject and that was English Literature. The reason of this fascination was my teacher. The way he taught us, was way better than any of the teacher I have ever seen. He was the first one who taught us to value the craft. One thing that was a kind of daily practice in the class was decorating our class notebook. He insisted us to make drawings, use creativity on the notebook and we loved doing that. Well, who doesn’t? I was a quiet kind then, difficult to recognize. Easily blend-able in the crowd. But I considered myself a creative soul and that subject because of that particular teacher, became a reason for me to stand out. On one particular day, I spend my entire time in a drawing of a character of the story. I was full of excitement on the very next day, when the teacher had to check all the notebooks. I was eager to hear his remark over the drawing that I made. Then came the time when we received over notebooks back after getting checked by the teacher. I opened it and straightaway went to the page of the drawing. There was just a red mark. A tick.

Let me take you to another incident. Today’s my birthday (You can wish me birthday in the comment section) and last night at 12, I waited for someone’s message or a call. It didn’t come. My Facebook is full of messages, my inbox is having so many wishes, but the message that I am desperately waiting for, has still not arrived.

Now coming to the topic. What if my teacher had admired me at that time? My zeal to do more would have increased? My expectations, would have grown more? That one opinion, if had come, something would have changed in me, but that didn’t come. Yesterday, if that call has came, something would have changed in me, but it didn’t come.

Am I depressed because of these two events?

Well, no. Because these moments, if had came in my life, they would have changed something in me, but when they didn’t come, it still changed something in me.

Because of that one red tick over the copy, I got to know that nothing changes in just one day. You have to work hard if you want to come in notice. That day I was anxious to know the opinion of just one person, now I am an author having thousands of readers around and opinions come from every direction, positive as well as negative. Maybe from next year this readership will increase to lakhs but because of that one bad experience, I understood one thing. We can only work, we cannot expect anything in return from others. Opinions doesn’t matter a lot to me as long as I am working hard over my creations.

That one call that didn’t come, gave me time to admire the wishes I get from all over. From my friends, my colleagues, my readers, my guides, my well-wishers. I am so thankful to every one who at least for a second, thought about me on this very special day. I even received calls from people with whom I haven’t conversed since ages.

So am I depressed? Not at all. Today I am turning 25 and at this age, you learn a lot. Each and every day, you have to take decisions and with every decision, you get tons of consequences and with every consequence, you learn. Till now, what I have learnt is that if you are failing in something, don’t panic, just keep learning. Life is all about putting the pieces at right place.


One thought on “Note to self

  1. Happy Birthday, Writer! This is such a beautiful and insightful note to self! What can be better than a realisation that helps to improve oneself. 😀


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