‘One Hour Read’ – A Revolution from Author Paradise

Author Paradise is a name that brings innovation in the field of marketing of the authors. Be it Bibliograph, Grand Giveaways, making team of reviewers etc. Everything that you see around was once started by Author Paradise only. So keeping this trend up, we are coming with a new concept which is ‘One Hour Read’.

Have written a Novel?
But Struggling to increase readership?
‘One Hour Read’ can be your solution.

What if I tell you that you can reach thousands of readers? What if I tell you that we are giving you a platform from where if you successfully convinced your reader, they will surely buy your book? What if I tell you that we’ll promote you not only on Facebook but also through students of more than 20 colleges of India? And what if I say that we’ll do all this FOR FREE!


Brief Introduction about One Hour Read!

  • It is a venture where authors will write stories with word count under the limit of 5000 to 10000 words.
  • We’ll promote your story through various channels.
  • We’ll publish these stories on Amazon Kindle.
  • Through these stories, author can promote their previous books.
  • It is basically like giving a sample to the reader about how well you write.

Being an author, what can you expect?

  • It can help you in increasing your readership.
  • It can help you connect with more people while you are preparing for your next book.
  • Readers are loyal. If they like your work, they’ll buy you for sure. But first, you have to gain that trust.
  • Fill up the gap between your 2 releases. Your readers wants to read you, don’t wait till your next release.
  • Chance to get published under the banner of Author Paradise Publishers, traditionally. Author Paradise Publishers will keep a close look at the popularity you are gaining and believe me, we never let a popular person leave us. If you are getting decent amount of downloads for your story, we’ll publish it in paperback and also would love to sign you for your next release, traditionally.

About Author Paradise Publisher: We have published more than 50 titles in a short span of 5 months. Visit www.authorparadise.in for info.

How are we going to promote you?

  • Through Facebook Ads.
  • Through our mailer with 2000 email ID’s.
  • Through posters of your stories in more than 20 colleges across India.
  • Through word of mouth.
  • Through Kindle marketing, offered by Amazon.

Feeling excited? What to do now?

Submit your *edited story on support@authorparadise.in with a suitable *book cover now.

*If you want to hire our services for editing and book cover making, do let us know. It is not compulsory that you hire us only.

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