Crying Clown

Have you ever noticed a clown? Yes, you must have seen a clown but I am asking about noticing. He is the one who sells laughter but on what terms? Have you ever noticed that he hides himself to give birth to someone that he is not? Disguise in some other person to do what he meant to. All that colors on the face, colorful and strange clothes, and a red nose (symbolic). Why? May be because he is not the person who loves to be funny but is portraying to be one because it’s his bread and butter.

We love a person who always laughs and keep everyone laughing in the vicinity. We all do love to enjoy the company of such person but that ‘Clown’, is he real or wearing a disguise? What lies behind the veil? Why is he different, laughing and making everyone laugh? what makes him so happy? The answer would be the hardship he had faced in life. The sorrows that wakes him up all the nights, out of nightmares, made this person so strong that he is ready to be the butt of ridicule because this laugh feels soothing, at least someone around is happy and that’s more than enough for him.

If you really want to meet the person, who is enacting to be the clown, meet him when he is crying. Because when he cries, the disguise, the veil over his face dissolves down in tears and the real person’s face comes out. But beware before you meets him, he may be ugly, you may not like him so let him be what he is! Laugh on his jokes and let him go alone in his corners so that he can have those nightmares again at nights and come back tomorrow with wittier jokes.

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