Buck Up

Yesterday, three of my friend asked comparatively same question, how to write a book? Well, this question looks absurd in first look but when we go deeper to the problems of these three friends of mine, the problem does look real. Below I have mentioned the questions.

  1. I do have the whole story in my mind but I don’t know how to start.
  2. I am writing everyday but then rewrite it every next day which ultimately results in no progress in storyline.
  3. I am lacking confidence in my writing.

If you are getting troubled by any of the above listed question while writing your debut work, this post is for you. There’s just one solution to each and every query relating to writing and that solution is to write.

My first advice for every debutant is that when you have your plot ready in your mind, before sitting on the chair to write the story, take a pledge of writing this story in next 30 to 40 days (I usually take 20 days challenge). If you are sitting without keeping a challenge for yourself, there are 60% chances that this story, which is jumping in your head right now, will never see ‘The End’ in lifetime. Take a pledge to write atleast 1500 words daily. These 1500 words should be in continuation, no rewriting allowed.

Here’s a little piece of motivation for you all. Stephen King writes 3000 words daily. He sells in millions and if you want to reach at his level, you have to do more.

Now the next advice. Never feel afraid of writing shit. Within your challenge days, you are not supposed to write masterpiece but to write the story down. Never rewrite while you are struggling to pen down the storyline. First draft is supposed to be a shitty piece of writing. Just think about your story and nothing else, framing, grammar, characterization everything comes in the latter stage. You will keep on struggling in loops, if you do rewriting in this period.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings was first posted on her blog in episodes. If somehow, you read that piece of her writing, you’ll never be convinced that this could have become a worldwide phenomenon.

Last but not the least is about confidence thing. Every author feels the lack of confidence in his/her writing at some point of their career. Think of the pressure that George R.R. Martin must be feeling. He is about to write the finale of a series which is already at the verge of giving heart attacks to so many people around the globe. At present your aim should be to write ‘The End’ at the earliest. Once you have written that ‘The End’, send your manuscript to some of your colleagues, friends, cousin and whomsoever who can give you true feedback. Get those feedbacks and then work again on your script. After writing first draft the real battle begins.

95% of the writers, never manage to write ‘The End’. If you manages to write so, you are already ahead of 95% of the other writers. Be proud.

In the end, I want to tell everyone of you that whenever you have any doubt while writing, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll surely help you in carving our that masterpiece out of you.

Now Buck Up and start writing!

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