Having a Bad day?


We all have some days on which we don’t feel of doing anything other than sitting in the corner of the room and get driven by our evil mind towards the darker side of our thoughts. On such days, believe me, no one can help you other than yourself.

So what to do?

  1. Move Out: That’s the best thing to do. Just move out and a walk without any reason. Just go to some nearby park or keep on travelling on roads. Take the road that’s unknown to you. Move out and explore. That’s the best anti depression.
  2. Listen to music: Music has the power of changing moods. Just change the style of what you are listening and you’ll experience the change in yourself. Keep some good songs, always ready in your mobile/ipod/Walkman or whatever you use to listen music. Keep its volume high and forget everything around you. Just sing along. One of my favorite for such days is ‘Ek chatur naar’ from movie Padosan.
  3. Read a Book: Whatever the situation is, books remain loyal to you. They are your best friends and will help you out from anything. Pick a book and start reading, it will start reading you and once it begins, you’ll experience the magic. My favorite for such situations is ‘The Alchemist’.
  4. Catch up with friends: There’s always someone out there, waiting for your call but you were busy all the time. Well, no problem, call them today and have old memories cherished once again. Go now, and call.
  5. YouTube: Well, this is my way of coping such days. I love YouTube and that’s my favorite past time. What I search? I search weird things. List of top 10 weird things. How does it helps? It helps me to get my attention back on work.

Well, there are n number of things that you can do rather than sitting in the corner and keep drowning. Whatever you are feeling right now is fine. Happens with most of the people. Just remember one thing, this shall also pass.


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