Why most of us ‘fail’?

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This is the first article I am writing after saying bye bye to ‘WordPress’ over my domain’s name. So finally we are at authorsandeep.com

First article and that too negative. Why? Even I had the same question that why I chose to write over failure and the answer that I got was, ‘Failure attracts!’ Let me explain. According to me, stories of failure are actually much more inspiring than the story of winning. ‘Failure’ contains the emotions that ‘winning’ lacks. ‘Failure’ is the promise that the next time, I’ll do better than this but ‘winning’ is end of the story. We have seen so many movies, read so many inspirational books and in all of those what actually made the person great? Person’s failure. We have seen people crying after achieving something great. That ‘cry’ is not of winning but of the memories of ‘failure’ and the journey they had felt from ‘failure’ to ‘success’. So yes, failure is important and it does attracts.

Let’s start with the topic. Why do we actually fail? The reason is very simple. Dedication.

We all have a childhood hero in our family. When I was a child, my parents made me sit and listen ‘chronicles of maternal uncle (Mamaji)’. My Mamaji was great in studies. He got good grades, scholarship, white collared job and everything that typical parents expect from their own children. Slowly, I started idolizing him as well. At first, it looked good. I was able to give my 10 to 12 hours to study but slowly, my horizon expanded and other things started to penetrate. One of those ‘outsider’ thing was ‘Reading Novels’. My study hours started to shrink and results reflected over my report cards. I was sailing in two boats and that’s when things started to fall apart. I tasted the ‘failure’. Failure doesn’t knock immediately. It actually acts like an unwanted guest whom you recognize lately. The first thing that it affects is your thinking. You starts to think negatively. Everything around you will seem to conspire against you but actually nothing is different, except your own dedication.

It took me few years to realize that I wanted something else from life. I wasn’t ready for 8 hours job with whole lot of tension about the things that are not in my hands. I started doing what I loved the most. Reading and writing. I could easily invest my 10 hours in the thing that I love to do and that’s why I say that dedication is not forced; it comes out naturally.

Lately, I heard an interview of Jeffrey Archer. He told us about his writing schedule. He wakes up at 5 and starts writing at 6 to 8. then a break of 2 hours. After that 10 to 12, followed by 2 hours break. Then 2 to 4, again 2 hours break and lastly 6 to 8. Off to sleep at 9. Daily! That’s what dedication is and frankly speaking I can’t write for more than 2 hours. I will feel writer’s block and all those fucking terms that actually signifies your laziness. Period.

Yes we do idolize to become connoisseurs of our field but when it comes to put in the efforts needed, we lack and that’s the only reason why we fail.

Road to success lies in knowing what we actually want from life and then working over it. There’s no shortcut, there’s no ‘luck’ factor. Work and dedicate yourself towards what you actually want.

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