Are you a night owl?


Every day at 11 in the night, we have a little fight at home. Fight of why I don’t sleep at time and wake up early in morning? I did try what my parents suggest but failed terribly because whether I sleep at 3 or at 11. I wakes up at 10 only. So my condition demanded a research.

Here are some reasons why we (night owls) are little different from others.

  • We feel a great energy flow after the sun sets.

Normally the energy should drain till evening but we feel the opposite. We feel drained out all afternoon but then suddenly, energy flows at highest level as soon as the evening approaches. We just can’t sleep with all that energy and waste our day.

  • Concentration level is awesome at night.

At night, the concentration level is highest. There’s no one to disturb you. The world is sleeping right now. Phone will not buzz; not even with Facebook notifications. You can carry on whatever you want to do and no one will point out mistake in it. You are your own boss and the best thing is that, clock will not disturb you at all.

  • We are not the slaves of our sleep. 

Even during the morning times, our sleeping time is flexible. We don’t care about sleep at all. If we are feeling sleepy, we will sleep without hesitation. Even if there’s no scope of sleeping, it will not bother us much because sleep is actually not so important term in our dictionary.

Barack Obama, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan…. this list is really long. It is just a myth that being a night owl is a wrong habit. Surely it is for 9 to 5 job class people but if you are a freelancer, you can enjoy being a night owl.

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