The Pairing Of Life


“There’s no denying that death is always with us.” The old man decided to break the sad silence between him and his son. Both were sitting in a children’s park. Old man could see his grandchild sliding down the slider; smiling and waving his hands to get noticed by his father but he didn’t. He was crying; sobbing. Three generations, with three different feelings at the same place. Even God would have been smiling. Old man tapped at the shoulder of his son to attract his attention and continued, “My time with you was fixed. Number of breaths was given in accordance. Let me go in peace.”

Son of the old man wasn’t ready to understand. He answered, “But Dad, I can’t live without you. How will I manage everything? You are my saviour dad!” He kept on sobbing. Silence lingered between the two for a bit longer as both were searching for the words.

“You were around 12 years old.” Old man chuckled on some old memory. He drifted back in time, “Stubborn like always, chubby and innocent. You wanted to see your mom. I tried explaining you but you didn’t leave the topic. I was wondering how to bring your mother back to life but then I bought you on the terrace.” Son smiled a bit. “We looked over the dark sky and I pointed towards a star and claimed it to be your mom; all alone brightening the sky.”

Old man took a deep breath and continued, “Do you know that whenever I looked at that star, I felt that it could have been a pair; not alone. I could have joined her as well.” They both looked at each other, “When your mother was dying, I had the same feelings as yours. I wasn’t prepared to have the responsibility of yours. Your mother knows everything about you and I – I was just…. I was actually nothing to you; just a name that you’ll bear for your whole life.”

There was silence for a while. Sun was about to bid adieu, birds had already started to leave to their nests and the old man was still busy to fight the toughest battle of his own. “I wanted to die with her but then she made me look at you. You were playing with your toys, carefree of what is about to follow. You were just few months old and it was clear that you’ll have the face of your mother. Your nose was fat – like a potato.” They both laughed a bit. “That’s when she told me that life is always about a pairing. When one partner leaves, the other joins and that’s what the beauty of life is!”

The young man was silent now. Old man knew that he had touched the chords at right place. Then the voice came.

“Daddy!” Grandson of the old man ran towards his father. “Daddy, I want you to promise me one thing.”

“Tell me.”

“You have to make me meet my grandfather. I am angry on him. My friend Rahul’s grandfather always joins him to the park but mine never comes.”

“He does.” The young man confused his son for a moment but then grabbed him and made him sit on his lap and pointed towards the pair of stars at the sky.

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