I don’t like to talk to people!

I don’t know why but I don’t like to talk to people. Yes, I know that’s not good thing to do but I can’t help myself. That’s my nature. That’s the way I am. For me, it’s pretty normal to just sit and ‘Not Talk’; at all. For me, it is normal to be normal without speaking about anything. For me, it is normal to just sit quietly and stare the front wall for no reason at all.

The things that are normal to me seems abnormal to the ‘normal’ people around and there is nothing uncommon about it. We, humans, are tagged as the social animals and supposed to talk, share ideas, feelings and emotions. And according to this hypothesis, yes I am abnormal. People around tagged me as ‘Lonely’. I took it as a batch because yes I am lonely and I love it. There are some moments of life, when you just want to be lonely and for me these moments are bigger than the others.

But why? Why is the question that lingers. What is so amazing of being a lonesome. Why I don’t like to talk? Well, I have my reasons for it. The flow of negativity. I feel that 70% of our talks are about negativity. I feel that there’s nothing positive about talking. May be I am around wrong people and that’s why I think in this manner but for me this is the reason of staying quiet. According to me, spreading positivity should be the main reason to converse and that doesn’t need to involve words. A small, sweet smile will do work for you. I smile very often. You meet me once and you’ll realize this. That’s the only way I love to converse.Though I love to listen. I will listen to your talks endlessly and the reason of this behavior of mine is that I usually end up learning new things. I acquire knowledge through listening. The knowledge could be about anything. It could be even about ‘how to fake in front of normal people’.

I have lost many things because of this behavior but I don’t regret because that was my choice. I chose to be silent when I was supposed to speak. I am not a good speaker and always do things that put me in odd situations and that’s why I choose to be silent. I know that many times, my decision goes wrong but then also, I don’t regret. I never regret in my life.

Having introduced myself in this way, if you look at the title of this blog ‘Sandeep Speaks’, you’ll find the irony I am talking (writing) about.


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