It will die with me!


It’s difficult to express but somehow I knew that this is the end. While lying in the hospital’s bed, I searched the room thoroughly but I was alone. All alone. I knew I was dying. The feeling was something that I can’t describe but somehow, it is the strongest feeling I have ever had. It was confirmed that these few breaths are the last one. If I fall asleep in the next moment, there will be no tomorrow. No rising, no leaving the bed, no breakfast, no morning kiss, no laziness, nothing. Blank, would be the only thing left.

I struggled to take few more breaths when I saw it, hiding behind me, depressed as if dying. It was my ‘dream’. The only companion at my death bed was my ‘dream’. It was not happy, not happy at all. Wanted to say something but was stopping itself because of some reasons.

“Why are you here?” I finally broke the silence.

“Because of you.” I could feel anger in its voice.

Now I knew why it was there. My dream, my idea to change the world, the greatest creation that the world could have seen is dying with me because I never acted upon it. Today, while lying on my death bed, I can just imagine the possibilities, if I could have just tackled that laziness or the fear of negativity. But now, nothing can be done except to see it die with me.


If I don’t write today, world will never read my work. If you don’t practice today, world will never witness The new Mozart. If you don’t study today, world will never find the cure of the deadliest diseases. It’s us who will define the course of future. It’s us, who will save our dream and make this world, a better place. Don’t let that dream of yours die.

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