Start Small!


Dream of becoming a published author was not a ‘one day adventurous thought’ for me. It all started with a dream which was not exactly mine but was of my father. He loved to write in his ‘secret’ diary which one day was set on flames by himself. That one sight, made me run for this dream of showcasing my write ups to the world. It happened when I was 15 years old.

My first write up was a kind of letter from Nathuram Godse to the world explaining that why did he kill Mahatma Gandhi. I was extremely excited to present my ‘Write up’ to my teacher but just before I planned to hand it over, I felt the fear and that fear was huge. That fear took away my excitement and filled me with all the negativity of the world. That day, I understood about the fear that made my father burn his diary.

Fight between mind and heart is a cruel battle. Once you are out of the situation where mind was defeated by the heart, mind starts to take over and fills your heart with guilt. ‘You should have done this, you should have done that’ was the only thing that my mind was shouting. I felt defeated.

That defeat was shattering but I kept on writing because passion is the only thing that will keep on driving you, no matter what the situation is! Couple of years later, I got selected for B-Tech course in a reputed college of NCR, JSSATE. I was excited but because of some really different reason and the reason was blogging.

Before joining the college, I joined wordpress and started posting my write ups. Slowly, I started sharing them on different groups of college (Facebook groups that every college have). I kept on posting short stories on daily basis with an amazing readership of ‘Zero’. Yes, zero. But still I was happy. I was happy because finally, I coped up with my fear. I was sharing my write ups and was not hiding them back.

The story of blogging continued for around 3 months when finally I received my first comment and that comment was from the admin of that facebook group. The comment was, ‘Stop spamming the group.’ I was supposed to feel depressed but was not because someone out there just noticed what I was doing from last 3 months. I ignored his comment and kept on doing what I loved the most. Writing.

One day, while sitting in my class, I heard my name being called out. He came to me and said, ‘I loved your story last night. That was awesome. Keep writing.’ That was the time when I fluttered my wings around.

With some browsing over internet, I found a website named ‘Your Story Club’. I signed in and started posting my stories there. I found the right place to showcase my talent. My third story became editor’s choice and soon I started getting readership in 1000’s. That was around 3 years ago and I feel extremely happy to announce that out of 100 stories that I posted there, one got selected by a film maker in Israel and he is making a short film out of it that will get showcased in Israel’s Film Festival at the end of this year.

Nothing was planned but every stage needed efforts. My first novel was a disaster (Will write upon it in coming blog post). I did huge mistakes but never stopped and that’s what we need. Never stop. Start from the basic level and keep on learning. Not a single person out there, whom you think as successful, reached there without committing mistakes. Feel privileged when something goes wrong because God is personally trying to teach you something. Learn and move on.

4 thoughts on “Start Small!

  1. Wonderful to read ur story of struggle, success and never-give-up policy, Sandeep.
    There’s a lot to learn from u in future.
    Shall be waitin for further episodes of this.


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